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Other Projects

Through the Eagle Valley initiative, we gathered a concrete understanding of what community work entails and requires for real change to happen in the nation. We have distilled the lessons learned over the past five years and intend to focus on specific issues in the communities of South Africa. These areas of focus are women and children, the socio-economy and the natural environment. We seek to broaden our fundraising opportunities to focus on the following projects, which can be successfully implemented in communities across the nation.

We are currently looking for partners, collaborators and individuals who identify with our mission and could help us in these projects. If you identify with this, please contact us.


Amayah Africa

Amayah Africa is a community development initiative seeking to rebuild the country through collaboration. We partner with groups and companies who provide products and services that fulfil the needs of the country, its communities and environments.

Our partners are:

Solar Turtle, which provides clean energy to the communities, its citizens and entrepreneurs. The Solar Panels are designed for those grassroots communities with who Angamma seeks to work with.

Tunnela, which provides greenhouse tunnels for year-round food production. 

CleanSui, which provides water purification technology. 

Turbex, which provides windmills, specifically for water and the storage of clean energy. 

Amayah Africa also focuses on initiatives around the environment, agriculture and the socio-economy.

This part of the project aims to protect, preserve and support communities through implementing sustainable environmental solutions.

Programs include a Trees Program, a Food Gardens Program, Mining Pollution Solution and a Medicinal Gardens Program. 

These will be implemented in schools and community centres of disadvantaged communities, in collaboration with our partners' services. 

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