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Other Projects

Through the Eagle Valley initiative, we gathered a concrete understanding of what community work entails and requires for real change to happen in the nation. We have distilled the lessons learned over the past five years and intend to focus on specific issues in the communities of South Africa. These areas of focus are women and children, the socio-economy and the natural environment. We seek to broaden our fundraising opportunities to focus on the following projects, which can be successfully implemented in communities across the nation.

We are currently looking for partners, collaborators and individuals who identify with our mission and could help us in these projects. If you identify with this, please contact us.


Project Biome

Angamma has developed a fiscal partnership with Project Biome where we seek Project Biome seeks to catalyze a global social & ecological movement of human reconnection to planetary regeneration with a vision to accelerate the Re-greening and Biodiversification of Earth, beginning with Africa, the birth canal of our planet.
We create and hold spaces that allow organisations and individuals working with regeneration of earth and social systems to see each other clearly, innovate pathways towards radical collaboration and discover their catalytic interdependence, which supports regeneration and syntropic systems to come into being.

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