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Who are we? 

The Angamma Charitable Trust is a fiscal partner and organisational advisor for those individuals and projects that work with grassroots communities by supporting them in bettering their quality of life and/or the natural environment.

We are a partner, creating and strengthening relationships that will achieve our vision of a better South Africa. We seek to partner with corporates, NGOs, groups, unions and professionals in order to co-create a plan for the future of our society.

We are a catalyst for discussions, thoughts and actions around collaboration, innovation and rethinking the future.

We seek to support projects that focus on Our Women & Children, Our Natural Environment, Our Youth, and Our Socio-Economy & Entrepreneurship

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The Angamma Charitable Trust was founded as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) directly benefitting the local communities whose land and resources we share. Leadership was handed over to Shanti Naidoo-Pagé in 2019. 


Shanti Naidoo-Page

Project Coordinator, Manager, Network Weaver

Shanti Naidoo-Page is a Network Weaver. She graduated university in 2018 with a degree in communications and holds 10 years experience in community development and activism. She bridges the generations, paradigms, sectors, cultures and organisational departments. She is the Angamma Charitable Trust Manager since 2019, a founding member of Project Biome Africa, and The Constellation (a term she had been using for the network of changemakers for already half a decade), present since its inception in 2022.

Our Vision

Angamma’s vision is to build collaboration that will create pathways of hope and opportunity towards a sustainable society that benefits future generations of all cultures.

Our Inspiration

How we got here...

South Africa has rich lands, strong people, good values, powerful traditions, and basically all the resources necessary for a population to thrive... 

So, how do we still have over fourteen million people going to bed hungry? Why is the quality of education still depleting? Why is the abuse against women and children still increasing? Why is our environment still degrading? Why is crime still continuously on the rise?

Instead of focusing on whom to blame for everything that has gone wrong, we chose to see an opportunity. We see that through collaboration, connection and cooperation we can co-create a new way that will allow our great-grandchildren to flourish.

With this immense vision, the Angamma team initially focused all its efforts and resources into a single endeavour — Eagle Valley Farm. It consisted of creating an integrated model of development for rural communities to become self-sustaining, revenue-generating villages that are able to provide incomes to support their own needs and dreams.

This endeavour brought us with real understanding of what is needed for community work in South Africa for concrete, valuable change to happen. 

It also linked us with capable, dedicated groups and individuals across the nation who can accomplish the collective vision of a better South Africa. Together we are creating a network of people, groups and organisations capable of implementing meaningful actions that benefit communities for the next seven generations.

Our Values


We value integrity in all our actions, communications and relationships. We uphold honesty, transparency and loyalty in everything we do.


We seek to reach out to those who are in need of a helping hand. Compassion is a value that has been forgotten in the harsh, competitive environment of the 21st Century. 
The Angamma team is dedicated to bringing back compassion through teamwork, collaboration and empathy.


We seek to approach all our interactions with consideration, humility and regard. We give the same level of attention to whomever we come across, no matter where they come from.


This may seem unusual to have as a value in a company, however we insist on letting everyone know that everything we do, we do out of love.
Love for Mother Earth, love for Humanity, love for our great grand-children.

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