Thank you for your help!

We would like to give a special thank you to the many people and organisations who contributed to Angamma in November 2019. 

It is thanks to these funds that we have been able to start the following projects.

First, a food garden project called "Seven Generations" (read more here)

Second, we developed short-term solutions for the hunger crisis that worsened with the restrictions of the lockdown. It consisted of sending food packages to communities/groups who were most affected. This included orphanages and rural communities.

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Food Gardens

This project allowed food-stressed families to have access and ownership to fresh, organic food.

The COVID-19 global crisis worsened the food crisis in South Africa. This project can help people in dire need of food.



Permaculture principles allows people to understand how to grow their own food, as well as the ecosystems present in nature, and how to use these sustainably. 


The schools with who we work are dedicated champions of their communities. Parents, workers, children and all members of the community are connected through this central food garden, where they can get knowledge, connection and support. 


Our Areas of Focus


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