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Eagle Valley Farm

In July 2013, Angamma began its first initiative in Eagle Valley Farm, Ficksburg in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. The initiative attempted to create the first rural development model of its kind through collaboration between projects. These projects included the Naledi Art and Community Centre, the Bophelo Healing Centre, the Naledi Farming Coop, a Women’s Group and the Earthrise Mountain Lodge. Together, they work towards building a thriving entrepreneurial eco-village of the future that delivers on its people’s material, social and political dreams.

The Naledi Village is situated on the farm with around two hundred people. It struggled deeply with land security for generations, which led to the Earthrise Trust and Angamma donating forty-two hectares to the community to use and live on so that they never face eviction again. The Naledi Village and surrounding villages have been given the right to build their social economy through agriculture, cattle-raising and other enterprises detailed below.


Earthrise Mountain Lodge

The lodge was an investment of Angamma to create a safe space for intergenerational conversation. It is a community-run lodge where all profits are reinvested into community development. We have been building partnerships in the civil society sector to use the space for their workshops (such as Oxfam, Action Aid, Greenpeace, Civicus). To learn more visit


The Naledi Village Farmer’s Coop

an enterprise made up of 20 members of the local community who have created a livelihood in agriculture as well as provide food for the people in the community and crops for sale in the local markets and surrounding towns. Through the Angamma/Earthrise Trusts, we secured partners for the COOP including, Old Mutual (the largest insurance company in the country), Tsebo Solutions Group (a large services company), the Industrial Development Corporation owned by Government.

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The Naledi Arts and Community Korner (NACK)

the Angamma trust invested in building a multi-purpose centre that promotes the local culture as well as create a space for the residents to get involved in a range of activities such as sewing, beading, soap making, painting and music. It also provides a safe space for the youth to grow their skills, talents and hobbies.


The Nelson Mandela Centre for Learning (The Crèche)

Angamma supported the local community to set up a creche for children because many of the women were now involved in economic activities. We partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to give the school the name “Nelson Mandela Centre for Learning”.


The Naledi Women’s Group

we organised a women’s group where we collaborated with individuals who came to transfer skills to the women. These activities included, soap-making, bead-making, baking, weaving, as well as workshops on women’s empowerment. Angamma with its partners helped provide knowledge and materials such as washable pads for the women and girls. One of these partners was Esmeralda de Belgique, Princess of Belgium who visited the community and decided to support the work with women and children.


Community Job Creation 

Angamma bought equipment to provide a workshop and a sawmill to create a livelihood for the community.
We also supported local residents in purchasing a brick-making machine by connecting them with funding partners. This machine generates income for the community. These bricks were also used in the construction of buildings such as the Naledi Art and Community Korner.

Past Projects: What We Do

Jappie Lephatsi

Jappie Lephatsi, manager of EarthRise Mountain Lodge, pillar of Eagle Valley, home to Naledi and Franshoek villages, and EarthRise Trust.

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